Spinal G - saviour of your back

We would like you to pay some extra attention to one of our very special drum thrones - Ahead Spinal G. It stands out from the rest and has been cherished by many drummers.

We have a broad assortment of drum thrones but there is one model that stands out from the rest and that's Spinal G from Ahead. It's not just another very comfortable and stable drum throne. What makes it special is the design that relives your back. It's unique design features a splits seat that allows the tailbone to hang naturally versus being compressed against the seat. This makes a world of difference to every drummer who suffers from a back pains. 

Since the introduction of Spinal G it has quickly become one of our most popular models. Many drummers have praised the results from Spinal G. If you ever suffer from a back pain you should definitely try this saviour. 

Spinal G is available in several models. Three leg base, four leg base, black, red, with or without back rest. 

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