Uppgradering till Roland TD-50x tillgänglig

För dig som har Roland TD-50 finns nu möjlighet att uppgradera till TD-50X.

Med länken nedan kommer du till informationssidan för hur du skaffar TD-50X-uppgraderingen. I korthet laddar du ned Roland Cloud manager till datorn. Sedan registrerar du ett konto, betalar och laddar ned uppgraderingen.  Hela processen men köp och support görs hos Roland dvs inget du köper från oss. 

The upgrade brings many new features including:

500 more sounds
70 new kits
Support and added nuances and sounds for the digital hi-hat

Additional latest trigger types
8 more internal multi-FX
Preset editing templates

PureAcoustic ambience engine which takes kit realism up a notch again

32 channels of audio via USB
The upgrade is available for purchase via the Roland Cloud service which is already a popular place for Roland synth owners to download content.


TD-50X Session Collection 01

As a bonus, the additional TD-50X kits are available for free from the Roland Cloud Manager to load into the TD-50X.

From rock, metal, and hybrid kits to processed and electronic sounds for modern styles, this versatile collection shows off the vast creative scope of the TD-50X.

TD-50X Session Collection 01 Kits

• Rock Filler—Versatile rock kit with rich ambience.

• Power Metal—Aggressive kit with strong snare attack.

• Xfade K&S—Layered sounds on the kick and snare with velocity crossfade.

• Hybrid Hop—Unique acoustic and electronic hybrid kit.

• Dark Pop—Punchy lo-fi kit for moody modern grooves.

Du hittar uppdateringen här >>>

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