Remo Metric size

Drumheads for Premier model drums are still available for purchase. In the 1980's, Remo worked closely with Premier to develop tooling for 4 major sizes: Rack Toms- 10" (9-5/8" actual diameter), 12" (11-7/8" actual diameter); Floor Toms-16" (16-5/16" actual diameter); and Bass-20" (19-5/8" actual diameter). Please note: some Premier models were made outside of these 'standardized' sizes, and may require a full custom made-by-hand drumhead. 

BA-0110-PR- Batter, AMBASSADOR®, Coated, 9-5/8" Diameter 

BA-0112-PR- Batter, AMBASSADOR®, Coated, 11-7/8" Diameter 

BA-0116-PR- Batter, AMBASSADOR®, Coated, 16-5/16" Diameter 

BR-1120-PR- Bass, AMBASSADOR®, Coated, 19-5/8" Diameter

BA-0310-PR- Batter, AMBASSADOR®, Clear, 9-5/8" Diameter 

 BA-0312-PR- Batter, AMBASSADOR®, Clear, 11-7/8" Diameter 

 BA-0316-PR- Batter, AMBASSADOR®, Clear, 16-5/16" Diameter 

 BR-1320-PR- Bass, AMBASSADOR®, Clear, 19-5/8" Diameter

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